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Sedation Dentist – Springfield, MO

Be at Ease with Sedation Dentistry!

Even if you need dental treatment, you might feel anxious about going through with it. That’s understandable, especially since 36% of Americans fear dentists. Still, you don’t need to give in to this anxiety — you could always opt for sedation dentistry! Here at Galleria Dental, this option would help you feel more at ease with a procedure. Read on to learn more about it, or consider calling our dental office to book a consultation with our trusted sedation dentist!

What is Sedation Dentistry, and is it Safe?

A patient receiving sedation dentistry

Put simply, sedation dentistry is something that dentists use to relax you before and during treatment. It usually involves taking a local anesthetic with calming effects, including one or several drugs. That way, your treating dentist can ensure you have a smooth and comfortable dental visit.

Rest assured, sedation dentistry is perfectly safe. Our team will review your medical history beforehand to ensure the sedatives don’t harm you. Furthermore, we’ll monitor your vitals so that nothing will go wrong during the procedure. There’s also no reason to worry about the drugs’ effects— they’re temporary and aren’t habit-forming.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation Dentistry

A confident girl

You might know nitrous oxide by its other name — “laughing gas.” As you’d expect, then, it’s a fast-acting sedative administered with a small nose mask. Our dental office sometimes uses it to help patients with treatment-related anxiety. In particular, it causes lightheadedness to spread through your body and worries to melt away.

Overall, nitrous oxide is ideal for patients who need more than a numbing effect. As such, it’ll ease your nerves for various procedures — from dental cleanings to more invasive services like dental implants. It can also be easily adjusted during treatment to ensure you get the proper dosage. Best of all, the gas effects quickly fade once your visit is done. Consequently, you don’t need to worry about having friends or family drive you home afterward.

Am I A Good Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

A woman getting nitrous oxide sedation

In general, almost any dental patient can qualify for sedation dentistry. It’s not harmful (as mentioned above), so it seldom leads to complications. To know whether this option is right for you, though, consider a consultation with our dental office. We’ll review your medical and health history and determine which sedation type suits your needs.

All that being said, sedation dentistry is ideal for those with issues like: