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Children’s Dentistry – Springfield, MO

Kickstart Your Child’s
Oral Health Right

Start your child on a path to healthy teeth and brighter smiles by bringing them to Galleria Dental for a checkup beginning around 3 years of age. Your child’s first “happy visit” is complementary at that age. Offering dental services for toddlers, children, and teens, we want to educate and encourage your child to maintain healthy oral practices from the start.

Visiting the dentist helps instill a positive association with your child and dental assessments. As soon as their first teeth start to show, begin the brushing process. We look forward to building a relationship with your kids and promoting a lifetime of wonderful oral health with children's dentistry in Springfield, MO.

Why Choose Galleria Dental for Children’s Dentistry?

Dental Checkups & Teeth Cleanings for Children

Child receiving dental checkup

Making your child feel comfortable during their visit is always the number one priority here at Galleria Dental. Doing this early makes future visits even easier, no matter how old they are. During the initial visit, we spend more time educating you on important habits that you’ll need to keep in mind for your child’s at-home oral care. The examination and cleaning is relatively brief, and we’ll always make sure your child, no matter how old they are, feels completely comfortable throughout the whole appointment.

Dental Sealants

Young girl and toddler smiling together

As your child begins to learn their oral care technique, they might find themselves struggling to get it just right. Alternatively, they may be more susceptible to tooth decay simply because of their genetics. In either case, dental sealants can give them an added layer of protection and reduce their risk against decay. These sealants are made from composite resin and are designed to protect the most vulnerable teeth from bacteria, including teeth with deep pits and cracks for food debris to collect in.

Athletic Mouthguards / Sportsguards

Young boy placing blue mouthguard

If your child is active, you should know that more people experience dental injuries from playing sports than any other activity. That means your child is going to need a form of protection that actually keeps their smile intact. With custom-made sportsguards, your child’s teeth will be protected in the long-term, whether they love to play football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or wrestling. By choosing custom solutions over store-bought ones, you can expect the best comfort possible, meaning your child will actually want to use their sportsguard!

Frenectomies / Lip & Tongue-Tie

Smiling child in dental chair

One of the reasons why we recommend that you bring your child in for an early visit is so we can confirm that all of their oral structures are developing properly. This includes tissue that connects their top and bottom lips to their mouth as well as the tissue that connects the bottom of the tongue to the floor of the mouth. This tissue, known as the frenulum, can become overgrown, making it difficult for your child to perform basic tasks. If your child struggles to latch during breastfeeding, speak clearly, or chew properly, we can help!

Non-Nutritive Habits / Thumb Sucking

Child sucking thumb

While thumb-sucking may seem like an innocent habit, it can actually cause major problems for your child’s oral development. For example, it can change the way in which your child’s teeth erupt and sit inside the mouth. Improper development can also cause their bite to change, making it uneven and requiring the need for orthodontics later in life. Dr. Tolliver is prepared to help your child break these non-nutritive habits and to be incredibly patient every step of the way.

Pulp Therapy

Little girl in dental chair holding jaw

While it is not common, children can experience oral injuries so severe that their teeth require detailed root canal therapy. Whether your child has severe tooth decay or they’ve experienced a bad fall, our dental office can perform pulp therapy to save their tooth. With the help of our soft tissue laser, we can reassure you that your child’s pulp therapy will be more precise, comfortable, and effective than ever before.

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