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The Top 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Feel Embarrassed to Visit the Dentist

December 8, 2020

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Man sitting on a couch with his chin in his hand thinking

Many people feel anxiety when thinking about the dentist, especially when it comes to the state of their dental health or how long it’s been since their last visit. But the most important thing you should know is that there isn’t a single condition that your dentist in Springfield will judge you for. Life happens, and you are not alone in your situation. Keep reading for 3 reasons you shouldn’t be nervous about visiting the dentist.


How Long Do Dental Implants Last?

November 22, 2020

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Dental implant

One of many great things about living in modern times is that missing teeth can be replaced with a variety of different options, including dental implants. Unlike tooth replacements of the past, dental implants have a long lifespan and offer numerous benefits that you cannot get from anything else. But how long exactly do dental implants in Springfield last? Continue reading to learn more about their lifespan and what you can do to make them last as long as possible.


How Can Going Outside Boost Your Oral Health?

October 28, 2020

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Woman smiling in the sun

Now that the weather is getting cooler, have you been finding yourself cooped up inside more often? As nice as it can be to get away from the elements, getting outside is a great way to boost your oral and overall health. This is because the sun is the best way for you to absorb vitamin D in your body. It is estimated that approximately 1 billion people in the world are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency which can cause issues like rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. Continue reading to learn more from your dentist in Springfield about why it is so important that you spend time outside.


Does Your Dental Insurance Cover Emergency Care?

September 3, 2020

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young woman in pain talking to her emergency dentist in Springfield

Going through a dental emergency can be stressful enough. You’re already in pain, and to top it off, you’re worrying about how much your treatment will cost and whether your dental insurance will foot the bill. Many people aren’t actually aware of the extent to which their dental insurance will pay for their care. To make things a little bit easier, an emergency dentist in Springfield discusses whether your insurance will cover dental emergencies, and how to prevent these situations in the first place.


Bleeding Gums? Try These Home Remedies for Gingivitis

July 16, 2020

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Coconut oil for remedy from dentist in Springfield

Have you noticed blood on your toothbrush or floss? This could be a sign of gingivitis. If left untreated, it could lead to a much more serious condition called periodontitis. This is a severe gum infection that can lead to tooth loss and other complications. Fortunately, when gingivitis is caught early, there are things you can do to eliminate it. Read on to learn about some home remedies from your dentist in Springfield that are effective at reducing inflammation in the mouth.


Dental Aerosols and Why They Matter More Than Ever During COVID-19

May 18, 2020

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A sick woman lying on a couch.

When you attend a dental appointment, even for something as basic as a cleaning, there is a very high risk for the spread of dental aerosols. An aerosol is defined as a suspension of fine solid particles or liquid droplets in air or another gas. This includes substances like mist or fog, but they can also appear every time you sneeze or cough. In the age of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to learn how aerosols work and what you can expect an emergency dentist in Springfield to do to ensure you don’t get sick just because you need to receive care.


Feeling Stressed? Your Oral Health May Be Suffering

April 9, 2020

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Stressed woman who may need help from a dentist in Springfield.

Have you ever found yourself with unexpected jaw pain after a long week of work? Do you find yourself clenching your teeth when you’re trying to meet an important deadline? If so, you’re not alone. Numerous studies have demonstrated the connection between the stress in our lives and certain behaviors. These behaviors can have a detrimental effect on the quality of your oral health and might even cause severe damage that requires assistance from a dentist in Springfield to treat. Thankfully, there are ways you can intervene before things get really bad. Read on to find out how stress might be impacting your oral health.


Are These 8 Popular Beverages Hurting Your Teeth?

December 10, 2019

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sodas and fruit juices

We tend to watch which drinks pass our lips based on how they will affect our waistlines. But not many people pay attention to how certain beverages impact our teeth. Unfortunately, there are a lot of drinks out there that seem healthy at first glance, but can damage your pearly whites. However, a dentist in Springfield is here to set the record straight and talk about how eight popular beverages can help or hurt your teeth.


3 Tips to Care for Your Dental Implants

November 27, 2019

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dental implant consultationHave you made the choice to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in Springfield? You’ve made a smart decision for your dental health and your quality of life. They closely replicate the entire structure of your tooth, allowing you to enjoy the next best thing to your real teeth. Not to mention, they are the most predictable treatment for tooth loss with the highest success rate. In fact, your dental implants can last for decades. Here are 3 tips to ensure your new smile has the care it needs to thrive.